Our Story



/ba-bee’s bahrn/ noun

a beautiful building to gather with friends and family and make memories


Kevin and Rhea are the owners of Bahbee’s Barn. Bahbee is the name that Rhea’s grandchildren use to call her grandma. But this barn belongs to all the hands that helped make this dream a reality—friends, family, the community, and God.

“We feel very blessed to have this opportunity for all to enjoy and are so grateful to have been able to meet so many new friends because of Bahbee’s Barn.”


The Beginning

Kevin and Rhea have spent much of their seven years of marriage renovating and building homes. Kevin has been in the profession of building homes all of his adult life. Rhea has been planning parties since her children were young and has a passion for decorating. 

They broke ground for Bahbee’s Barn in November of 2019 and had their grand opening in July 2020. They decided on a two-story just so brides could walk down a set of stairs to the aisle. 


Kevin and Rhea love putting smiles on faces, and Bahbee’s Barn is here to do just that—to make you smile and to make people happy! 


Every room in the barn is different and the venue area is perfect for so many different occasions. The barn is secluded, unique and beautiful. There is nothing like it in Lincoln County.


Pictures don’t do it justice, so come visit us to see it for yourself! We know we can put a smile on your face as you make wonderful memories here with us at Bahbee's Barn.